Urbanism & Architecture Bi-City Biennale | UABB*HK
Urban Edge | Ideal City

Hong Kong

Colin Fournier/ Joshua Lau + © URBANUS  


Joshua Lau, Executive Curator for Culture
Completion Year 2013


Beyond the edge of the city we know lies the city we dream of, the city we long for but never reach, the "ideal city". Our proposal for the Hong Kong side of the Biennale will be grounded in its polarity with Shenzhen, within the broader contexts of the PRD and mainland China, but it will be international in its scope: it will be informed by the singularity of Hong Kong but it will not be primarily about Hong Kong, just as the Venice Biennale is not about Venice: it will be about the cities of the world, making use of the unique bi-city setting of the Biennale as a platform to address global issues in a visionary and critical way. It will be site-specific, with a pivotal physical presence in Hong Kong, and transcend this specificity by establishing its presence in virtual space. It will be here and everywhere, topic and un-topic, manifested through publications, radio, television, web sites, blogs and various social media, drawing inputs from a broad spectrum of participants and aiming to reach a wide audience.





傅轲林/ 刘柏坚+ © URBANUS



竣工年份 2013