Shenzhen Luo Hu District Caiwuwei Urban Renewal Planning

Shenzhen, China

By Joshua Lau + Colin Fournier & ARUP


Masterplanning and Architectural Design
​GFA 1,139,600 sqm


This master plan competition deals with a very important site within the center of a district, where the urbanization of Shenzhen first started and from which it later expanded, primarily towards the West. The district has lost some of its original pre-eminence in favor of the more recently developed central areas to the west, the current Master Planning agenda initiated for this competition reinjects cultures, indicates a strong possibility that, when implemented, will be an undertaking of such a magnitude and ambition that it is likely to give back to the district its former prestige and key position within the booming urban dynamics of the city. In pursuing this objective, we have drawn our major inspiration from nature: we have titled our project "The wave" because our design has drawn upon this analogy to generate a distinctive form for the proposed urban landscape, one that departs from the standard rectangular geometries of the generic urban fabric. And because, beyond the dynamic aesthetics of the wave, it indeed suggests that a new wave of cultural activities in Shenzhen should follow in the wake of this challenging Master Plan competition.




刘柏坚 + 傅轲林主创 & ARUP



GFA 1,139,600 sqm