Walking in the Dreams

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Thematic Galleries 1, 2

By Joshua Lau


Client: Leisure & Culture Services Department

Spatial design: OPUX

Project Coordination: Tetra Studio

Completion 2015


We all have another "self", called the subconscious; it lives in our inner soul; it is hidden in our heart. It is similar but sometimes contradictive to the "self" in daily life; the feeling is familiar but sometimes strange. The two "selves" become closer when we dream as our dreams tell us quietly about our hidden "self".


Dreams have countless ties and complex connection between the soul and body, the conscious and subconscious, imagination and reality. They are places to be discovered and explored, and they help us heal.

Dreamy spaces have been created by 11 comtemporary artists, using various media such as light and sound installation, mixed media, ceramic, video and painting. Within the exhibition, the main circulation route was created by one feature wall, connecting the gallery from one side to the other. Every artist got their own space to express their vision of dream, inviting the audience to explore the relationship between dreams and reality, and to discover the other self that is hidden deep within their hearts through interaction with the artwork.