Studio 工作室

Inspired by the Latin word for "Work" OPUX is a Productive Concept Studio with emphasis on "X" the crossover in the realm of designs, creativity, culture, architecture, ideas, urbanism, arts and landscape. With Concept Hubs established in both San Francisco & Hong Kong, works completed in China and Southeast Asia Region, the studio is led at arm's length by the leading cross disciplinary Hong Kong architect, artist, designer, urban researcher, and veteran curator Joshua LAU continuously crossing concepts to generate new ideas in every projects. The studio turns the mundanes into a full fledged experience with narratives related to the city, meanings and inspirations. "Work" and "X" crossover are the fundamental methodology of OPUX seeks in every project a multifaceted possibilities in our cities.
Founder of OPUX had lead a wide range of high profile projects since 2003 as both independent and founder/creative director including the Curatorship for the First Hong Kong Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Shenzhen Luohu District Caiwuwei Revitalization Project, Hong Kong PMQ Design Research Moderation, Hong Kong YOHO Town Creative Park and Sculpture, Museum Art Exhibition Designs, Kowloon Tong Cornwall Street Park "Urbanmat" and Creative Luxurious Clubhouse. Founder of the architectural practice, Joshua LAU launched Independent Concept Studio OPUX in 2015, focuses on Culture, Creativity and Concepts throughout the design process. The team began working between California and ride on the rich creative energy of both cities, San Francisco and Hong Kong, inspiring new works under this independent brand as OPUX. The studio's new operation structure and dynamic methodology draws fast ideas and the blinking eye alike any new business, crossing-over realms with a strong belief in the existence of such creative flare beyond establishments.
OPUX奥柏社来自拉丁语「工作」Work,是一家多元化文创设计实践事务所,横跨文化、创建、概念及艺园的工作室。立足于三藩市及香港,在中国及东南亚等地区均有实践项目。工作室由集结一身建筑师、艺术家、设计师、城市学者、知名策展人刘柏坚先生亲自领导,不断以跨思想Crossover 的创作方式务求为每项目寻找机遇注入体验与故事性为城市带出新思维及意义。 「工作」Work 与「X」Crossover 是OPUX最核心探索的领域,从作品中不断定义城市多元的可能性。
主持人自2003年开始分别以独立及创意董事身份实践了多个广为人知的横跨思想项目,包括威尼斯及港深城市建筑双城双年展、蔡屋围商业文化综合城市更新设计、香港PMQ创意园设计概念咨询研究、YOHO元朗文化艺术公园及雕塑、艺术空间策展设计、九龙塘歌和老街公园城中毯艺术空间、艺术创意会所等等,其创作亦受到重视。是香港建筑设计事务所原创办人,主持人刘柏坚于2015年在三藩市增设独立构想​​室,以OPUX奥柏社品牌为首拓展文化、创建、概念及艺园范畴主力创作设计,并让原建筑师事务所团队定位专注项目协调为其核心业务。刘柏坚穿梭两城为工作室的双核心把多年实践经验配上三藩市与香港的特点创造更多跨思想项目。 OPUX管理团队与架构相信创意存在于体制之外,以保持不断突破的精神和跨界的构想维持创意火花。

Awards 獎項


2013 Perspective 40 Under 40 in Architecture

Outstanding Public Spaces Awards 2013 by RFP Magazine

HKIA Annual Awards - Award for HKIA Members' Work Outside of Hong Kong Hong Kong

Central Police Station Concept Design Competition Winner

Hong Kong International Airport Area A Design Competition Winner

AIA Emerging Young New York Architects Competition Jury selection

Curator for the Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (UABB HK) in 2013

Curator for China/HK Pavilion at the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture “Vice Versa” in 2006

Deputy Chairman 2010, Venice Biennale of Architecture China/HK Pavilion
香港設計40驕子40 Under 40傑出建築師
2006 威尼斯建筑双年展香港馆策展人
2013 UABB港深双城双年展香港执行策展人
RFP 优秀公共空间年奖
2006 香港建筑师学会境外建筑奖得主
美国建筑师协会(AIA) 新进建筑师评审团奖

Team 团队


Joshua Lau

Principal & Founder


RIBA, HKIUD, MPIA, MBA, DipArch, BSc(Hons)


Joshua Graduated from University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture & holds an MBA from CUHK in Hong Kong. Recipient of 2013 Perspective 40 Under 40 in Architecture. He was appointed as the Executive Curator on Culture for the Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (UABB HK) in 2013. Since 2003, he began his career as an independent Curator bringing visionary architectural exhibitions to challenge the static architectural scene. Joshua was later selected as the First Curator for China/HK Pavilion at the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture “Vice Versa” in 2006, pioneered a Hong Kong vision at the global scene with the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) and Arts Development Council (HKADC) for the very first time. The project gained considerable amount of international recognition and received The HKIA Annual Awards in the same year. A recognized talent, Joshua participated on a number of significant projects in China including the LEED Platinum FangCaoDi Parkview Green Beijing. He expanded his practice since 2009 prior to co-founding an architectural practice formed under a merger in 2011 where he completed works as Creative Director focused on Urbanism, Culture, Creativity and was instrumental on strategy of the firm. Joshua lectured and published in the realm of Culture & Architecture and completed a porfolio of works including Urban Design for Shenzhen Luohu District Caiwuwei Revitalization Project, PMQ Creative Hub design research, Boutique Hotels as well as public spaces, the Cornwall Street "Urbanmat" and YOHO Town Art Plazas in Hong Kong. Joshua believes that creative flare exists beyond establishments, he launched an independent concept studio under his full management with production team in China, OPUX in 2015 focuses on unresting design philosophy, merging the world of creativity, arts and capital in the larger realm.

主创建筑/ 创办人
毕业于英国伦敦大学BARTLETT巴特雷建筑学院并获香港中文大学MBA学位。自2003年起开始以独立策展人身份以微建筑展探讨了当时本地建筑艺术文化僵持之矛盾。之后他获选担任2006年香港建筑师学会(HKIA)与香港艺术发展局(HKADC)首次携手参与威尼斯建筑双年展中国香港馆“反之亦燃城市越位”的策展人,以国际视野展现了具争议性的香港建筑艺术文化特质、含意和理想,国际媒体报导于<Domus> <The Architectural Review> <New York Times> 等等,并获得香港建筑师学会2006年年度建筑奖。刘栢坚是广受认可的香港设计师及策展人自2009起拓展工作室,在2011年合拼创始了建筑师事务所以创意董事身份建立都市、文化及创意团队实践了多个广为人知的横跨思想项目,包括蔡屋围商业文化综合城市更新设计、香港PMQ创意园设计概念咨询研究、YOHO元朗文化艺术公园及雕塑、艺术空间策展设计、九龙塘歌和老街公园城中毯艺术空间、艺术创意会所等等,其创作亦受到重视亦在大学机构教授建筑与城市设计及演讲。于2013年被委托为UABB城市双成双年展香港文化部分的执行策展人并荣获2014设计四十骄子。集结多年对城市的实践,从双年展、空间设计至城市规划到创意艺园,刘柏坚坚持创意的热情应该存在于系统以外,于2015年启动独立设计工作室OPUX奥柏社品牌,穿梭三藩市及香港,专注公共空间、艺术、养生与资本的融合、互惠共生,将文化的产生视为一种寻求理想体系的建筑过程