Chapel of Life
Xinhui, Jiangmen China
By Joshua LAU + Will WONG
Completion 2018
The Chapel of Life and the wellness farm is a missionary project initiated by Will WONG in collaboratin with Joshua LAU/OPUX to create a facility for well-being and spiritual experience in Xinhui, where people from the city would find this place a retreat, surrounded by tranquil natural environment and organic farm. The design of the building implies the crucifix as the road towards God and Heaven, where the main building consists of ancillary facilities as well as dining hall connected out to one end a personal bamboo contemplation space and open chapel where prayers extents towards the water pond that irrigates the crops on this land. The open chapel is designed as a half-pavilion-half-building to provide an experience connected with nature, constructed of two cubic spaces, with one turned 45 degrees forming the main chapel space as well as four contemplation spaces at the edges, and reduced into a frame and four walls construction, a space that is abstract, surreal and undefined.

建筑设计:刘柏坚 + Will WONG
竣工年份 2018

生命礼拜堂和养生农场是一个宣教项目由Will WONG与Joshua LAU/ OPUX合作发起,在新会创造一个福祉和精神体验的设施,那里人们会发现这个地方是一个乐园,完全被宁静的自然环境和有机农场拥抱。建筑的设计意味着十字架作为通往上帝和天堂的道路,其中主要建筑包括辅助设施和餐厅以及连接到一端的个人竹沉思空间和开放教堂,人们朝向水池祈祷让祝福延伸水里灌溉这片土地上的作物。开放的教堂被设计为半亭半建筑,提供与自然相关的体验,由两个立方体空间构成,一个翻转45度形成主要教堂空间以及四个边缘的沉思空间, 缩小成一个框架和四面墙结构,一个抽象的,超现实的和未定义的空间。