Shenzhen North Red Mountain Cultural Park - Cultural Edge

Longhua, Shenzhen

Cultural Planning: Beijing Yihe Research & Development Centre

Spatial/ Lighting/ Signage/ Architecture Collaboration: Joshua LAU/OPUX

Landscape Architecture & Masterplanning: WWJA


Completion 2018
GFA 32000 sqm


Conceptually linked with local wooden print arts in Longhua and the new architecture of Longhua Contemporary Arts Museum and Library, culture is interpreted as a layer of Matrix in the constructed space of landscape and architecture, a layer that appears in the form of light and interventions demarcating its existence and relationship with one space to another. The project pushes the idea of open space or public space into programmatic events space including dance, cinema, picnic, drama, theater, concert, sculpture etc closely interact with the growing demands in contemporary culture and lifestyle, a unique Open Museum for All, a place where the reality and culture in the form of the virtual co-exist and influence each other reciprocally.



深圳北红山文化公园 - 文化在线
文化策划: 刁中/ 北京一和研发中心
环境/灯光/标识及建筑设计協作: 刘柏坚/ OPUX 奥柏社
园林建筑设计与总规划: 王维仁建筑研究室
竣工日期 2018年
版画注重实体线条把画勾出,主要颜色两相对比,黑白为普遍, 引申《虚》《实》并存。本项目与新龙华当代美术馆与图书馆连接,设计师把文化看成二次空间引入建筑及园林设计总规划,以环境/灯光及标识建筑设计环境灯饰及标识设计把文化的空间领域与轮廓呈现与连接。这项目把公共空间的定义透过建筑空间布局把舞蹈、电影、野餐、话剧、演唱、雕塑等文化事件组成文化轴线,重叠在现实空间之上,使公园成为一个开放的当代美术馆,与龙华版画制作产生的《虚》《实》空间并存之构想。