2016 Hong Kong -Macau Visual Art Biennale - ‘Interactive Times'

Beijing Minsheng Art Museum > Henan Art Museum > Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo

Hosts: Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China + HAB of HKSAR + Secretariat for SAC of Macao SAR

Partners: LCSD of HKSAR + CAB of Macao SAR + Gansu + Henan Provincial Department of Culture

Presenters: China Arts and Entertainment Group + China International Exhibition Agency

Co-ordinators :APO of HKSAR + CityU Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media + Macau Designers Association

Curators: Jeffery Shaw + Ivy Lin

Spatial Design: Joshua Lau

Completion 2016


First launched in 2008, the Hong Kong - Macau Visual Art Biennale presented by the Ministry of Culture now enters its fifth edition. This year the Biennale sets its theme on ‘Interactive Times'. After its first stop at the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum in September, the exhibition will be staged at Dunhuang in Gansu as part of the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Culture Expo before moving on to Henan Art Museum in Zhengzhou in October 2016. The Hong Kong exhibition for the Biennale will display new media artworks including animation, projection displays and interactive installations created by eight groups of artists who aspire to explore the significance of ‘interaction' in the modern world. Today interactive technology is not only applied to the production of art. It even changes the role of the audience and repositions viewers as doers. The artworks are not intended to showcase technology but let audience participate. In addition to fostering communication, these interactive artworks inspire reflections on the intricate relationship between technology and art and unleash our imagination. Hong Kong artists, Henry Chu, Tobias Gremmler, Max Hattler, Ip Yuk-yiu, Alan Kwan, Jeffrey Shaw and Sinan Goo,Tamas Waliczky and anothermountainman (Stanley Wong)'s works will let audience enjoy sensational experience while challenging convention at different levels.

2016 港澳视觉艺术双年展 - 「互动时代」
北京民生现代美术馆 > 河南省美术馆 > 丝绸之路 (敦煌) 国际文化博览会
主办:中华人民共和国文化部 + 香港特别行政区政府民政事务局 + 澳门特别行政区政府社会文化司
协办:香港特别行政区政府康乐及文化事务署 + 澳门特别行政区政府文化局 + 甘肃省文化厅 + 河南省文化厅
承办:中国对外文化集团 + 中国对外艺术展览有限公司
联合统筹:香港特别行政区政府艺术推广办事处 + 香港城市大学互动媒体与电算应用中心 + 澳门设计师协会
策展人(香港): Jeffery Shaw + Ivy Lin
空间设计(香港): 刘柏坚
竣工年份 2016
文化部自2008年起隔 年举办港澳视觉艺术双年展,至今已是第五届。是次以「互动时代」为主题,9月在首站北京民生现代美术馆展出后,将会移师甘肃省敦煌市,在首届丝绸之路(敦煌) 国际文化博览会中亮相,随后于10月南下郑州,在河南省美术馆展出。本届双年展的香港部分将会展出 8 组艺术家的新媒体创作,透过动画、投影和互动装置等作品,探索互动元素对当今世代的意义。今天,互动科技不仅与艺术创作融合,更改变了观众的位置和角色, 从被动的观赏者,成为主动的创作者。科技促进人与人之间的沟通交流,让观众超越想像的空间。香港的艺术家朱力行、图途、麦克斯• 海特勒、叶旭耀、关子维、邵志飞与古希婻、汤马仕• 瓦立祁及又一​​山人(黄炳培) 透过作品,从不同层面挑战固有的概念,引领观众开拓思考的空间。 (资料来源:艺术推广办事处)