Maze Memory
Lai Yuen Amusement Park @ Asia Expo 2016
Client: Lai Yuen Amusement Park
Lai Yuen X Sofei's Fantasy World (MAZE) Architectural Design: Joshua LAU/OPUX
Lai Yuen X Sofei's Fantasy World (MEMORIES) Illustration Artist: Lam Pei
Lead Expo Consultant: Paul Design
Pavilion Designers: Paul Design + Atelier E + OPUX
Completion 2016
The Ideal City is filled with cheerful and sweet memories, from our childhood to fragment of lives we have all lived. In collaboration with illustration artist, the architecture of "Maze" is constructed of three routes that structures the typical stories of the Hong Kongers' life paths through a series of surreal spatial experience of twists, turns, choices, surprises, expectation, disorientations, overlaid by art illustration detailings these fragments through the story of Sofei to tell the nostalgic "Memories" of our city, in this reconstruction of the disappeared amusement park - Lai Yuen, anchors all our collective childhood fantasy.
​荔园x苏飞的奇幻世界 (迷园 ) 建筑设计:刘柏坚/OPUX
荔园x苏飞的奇幻世界 (回忆) 插画家:林皮
博览策划顾问: Paul Design
设计单位::Paul Design + Atelier E + OPUX