Wellness City - Mini Park
Qianhai Public Arts Festival 2016
Client: Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone Development Bureau + Hong Rong Yuan
Architectural design: Joshua LAU
Chinese character arts: Hikoko Ito
Completion 2016

The Ideal City shall not only fulfill the desire of people, but also provide nooks and canny where citizens merge their daily life with active health facilities and spaces. Wellness embeded, mini parks are proposed as 6mx6m devices for the future city where arts, wellness, chinese culture and enjoyment can be equated into the Ideals, they become portals where city, nature and people merge.

合道 - 城市微养生园
深圳市前海深港现代服务业合作区管理局 + 鸿荣源

合道 - 谓合于自然或人事的道理,修神养性之最高境界 [合] 艺术,养生与 [街道]。理想都市是自然养生合一,在高密度城市街道6米宽度6米长的平面范围从高处看下,发现街道上与合字的艺术图案原来融入了养生的空间。快与慢的融合,市民在上班休息时间下去锻炼伸展一番。人与人之间增加停留点鼓励片刻的交流,是锻炼,是园,是坐,是休息的,也是通往地块绿色空间的门。