Reflection! @ Oil Street
Hong Kong
By Leandro Erlich with Joshua Lau
Client: Leisure & Culture Serviced Department
Artist: Leandro Erlich
Architect: Joshua LAU
Completion 2014
Artist Leandro Erlich in Collaboration with Joshua LAU created three-dimensional visual illusions that invited the viewer's interaction. Specially tailored to Oi!, his extraordinary Bâtiment incorporated a huge mirror set out to alter reality and defy common sense and our perceptions of space. The participation of the audience and their creativity in interacting with the mirror formed the essence of this work of art that challenged our understanding of our own reality.
正 反 展览 @ 油街实现
竣工年份 2014
阿根廷艺术家莱安德罗.埃利安 联同肆合设计创意董事刘柏坚创作视觉幻象让观众融入参与其中。他为油街实现建造一座不平凡的《大楼》。作品以镜像颠覆视觉常规,让观众游走于现实与幻像之间,展现一个正反不同现实和虚构世界。