Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006 Response Exhibition

Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong

By Joshua Lau & Alvin Yip


Curator for Hong Kong Pavilion

Completion Year 2006

HKIA Annual Awards 2006

Award for Members' Work Outside of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Debut at Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition

At VICE VERSA, each extrapolates two contexts with a singular move


VICE VERSA was one of the most attended and vigorously discussed exhibitions amongst more than 50 participating countries at this year Venice Biennale, which is a success and a milestone for Hong Kong architecture. Inaugurated in early September, curators Alvin Yip, Joshua Lau and Billy Tam with the exhibiting architects and artists have demonstrated the unique architectural character of Hong Kong. Curator pronounces the original concept of "displacement" to describe architecture of Hong Kong, "at VICE VERSA, each of the 8 exhibitors was given a thesis and asked to react and make ‘displacement' in very limited time. Indeed I admire the talent of many whom improvise foreign conditions not unlike the performing artists. The temporality and immediacy critically narrate a kind of Hong Kong practice. Hostelling hot cash and volatile desires, Hong Kong is a unique creation in the history of city-making. Our first presentation at this most progressive architecture exposition is instrumental in constructing a discourse, to imagine new urban paradigms, tactics and identities for modern Chinese cities in a global age."


All eight exhibitors have made presence to reveal to the world an unfamiliar portrait of Hong Kong,  the group include CL3 Architects Ltd; Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects Ltd; Rocco Design Ltd; Vito Bertin, Gu Daqing and Woo Pui-leng; Laurence Liauw with Videotage; Architecture Design and Research Group Ltd; Hong Kong Housing Authority; Wallace Chang.


竣工年份 2006
「反之亦燃城市越位」是今年威尼斯国际建筑双年展五十多个参展国家中,最备受注目及讨论的展览之一,策展人叶长安、 刘柏坚及谭汉华带领一众参展单位,向国际展示香港建筑风格独特的一面,代表着香港建筑界迈向国际的里程碑。是次展览以「越位」为主题展现香港建筑的特色, 策展人阐述:「各参展单位得知参展主题后,在短时间内已完成作品,而且能对陌生的参展环境作即时的应变,这是我十分佩服的。百年来香港城市的创造力源自政经环境转化中的不断主动寻找、适应及兑位,参展作品带有的暂时性及即时性正描绘出这种香港建筑的特性。是次参展亦让本地建筑专才有机会发挥其设计内涵及视野,也是国内外论述全球化下中国城市设计的绝佳戏台。」