Shantou University Guest Hostel + Sports Arena

Shantou University Li Ka Shing Foundation

© TETRA + Habitu + Feelsogood


Partner (Design): Joshua LAU, Gilbert Yeung

Partner (Management): Allen Poon

Art Directors: Habitu + Feel So Good

Architect: Manica + GZLDI

Project Administration: TETRA

Completion 2017


The 50,000 square meter “Sport and Entertainment Park” includes a small multi-use arena; a natatorium with competitive Olympic swimming pool; sport and fitness training facilities; a flexible grand conference hall; 200 room boutique hotel; and an underground carpark.  And while each of these elements  are designed to work independently as an asset for the University, it’s actually the way that the various program components work together that will result in a one-of-a kind destination for the campus, community, and the surrounding region.





设计合伙人: 刘柏坚,杨永棠

管理合伙人:潘浩伦美术顾问:Habitu + Feel So Good

项目协调:肆合设计建筑师: Manica + 广州设计院

完工年份 2017


汕头大学近年因应发展,须要扩充校园,以应付不断增加的教学需求,并提升多项设施,以达至世界一流大学的标准。其中一个重要项目为位于校园东侧新发展区的体育馆及接待中心。本设施适合举行国际标准的运动竞赛和大型活动如会议、毕业典礼等聚会,并提供逾200 套客房的精品酒店式接待中心为来宾提供食宿服务。室内空间现代简约,以自然物料营造柔和气氛,酒店更配备自动化住客系统为宾客带来方便贴心的服务。